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“What a frightening thing is the human, a mass of gauges and dials and registers, and we can only read a few and those perhaps not accurately.” ― John Steinbeck

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“The human worl…

“The human world is made of stories, not people. The people the stories use to tell themselves are not to be blamed.” “Ghostwritten,” by David Mitchell

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“The Heart of the Matter”

“Nothing ever diminished pity. The conditions of life nurtured it. There was only a single person in the world who was unpitiable, oneself.” -Graham Greene

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“If on a winter’s night a traveler”

“To fly is the opposite of traveling: you cross a gap in space, you vanish into the void, you accept not being in any place for a duration that is itself a kind of void in time…how do you occupy … Continue reading

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“They blame the ‘limita…

“They blame the ‘limitations’ of language who – from laziness, perhaps – have yet to test the limits of their imaginations.”

Irving Feldman (Southwest Review, Volume 97, Number 3) 

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