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How “The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards” Changed Me

Oh my. Today I have finished an incredible piece by the debut author, Kristopher Jansma, and I must say, oh my. At once moving and enrapturing and crushing, The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards is written for us, for writers, and it … Continue reading

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An extremely good tidbit of advice from It’s a good reminder for when the juices don’t quite flow right and the motivation to keep writing becomes syrupy and unreliable. 

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Woes of the Corporate Editorial Intern

All around me it is silent, a wasteland of bland grey cubicles. Amid the silence, the only registerable sounds are empty, ambient noise, barely remarkable mouse clicks, the occasional typing, the hum of the air conditioning overhead. Amidst the quiet … Continue reading

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An Unthinkable Existence: David Levithan’s “Every Day”

In writing, love is cruel. It is stitched together with “yeses” and “nos” and is built from the bottom up with pieces that cannot not synchronize; that is, with bits that refuse to fit to form. What is a love story without … Continue reading

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Nathanael West’s “A Cool Million”

I am no optimist. I hold no delusions for the bounty that supposedly will become my future. But it’s hard to read something like A Cool Million and not feel a piece thy realistic self crumble and disintegrate, fall to … Continue reading

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In Our Time

In Our Time reflects the mood of an era, the early ’20s. Hemingway follows a central character, Nick, through fragments of his childhood and adulthood, and pieces of wartime that Nick lives through culminating with Nick’s endless solitude in a solo … Continue reading

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