The “Brandon Blakely” is a hodgepodge of quotes, reviews, articles, stories, and miscellaneous words, from  two very talented and very adorable writers. As artists and journalists, we diversify our writing pallets whenever possible and maintain interests in every subject. Our oyster, from GQ to Joyce, is all things under the sun (and then some), although mostly we delve into what could be referred to as ‘serious’ literature.

Previews are limited to 1500 words and under and appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Full reviews are 1500+ words, appearing once a month (with luck).

Comments are appreciated and will be welcomed with follow-up comments abounding in emoticons 🙂

The “Brandon Blakely” is a division of the independent publishing company Holon.

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  1. Eva Bourland says:

    Hello, I am using your your thoughts re Balzac’s book, Ursule for paper due in my 10th grade English class. I am supposed to explain about each resource I use and whether it is bias, etc. I cannot find any info on your personal info, for ex. education, how I would know if you have a personal philosophy or whatever, that would influence what you write about. Can you help me out? I really enjoyed your piece and learned much about how confusing it is that Balzac is supposed to be one of the originators of realism in fiction yet used religion and mysticism so strongly in this novel.
    Thank you, Eva Bourland

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