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Richard Ellmann’s James Joyce”

In The Observer, Anthony Burgess called Ellmann’s 1959 biography of James Joyce “the greatest literary biography of the century.” However, those who have managed their way through the 800+ page behemoth are inclined to disagree with the novelist; Ellmann’s work … Continue reading

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Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go”

Similar to the Booker-prize winning “The Remains of the Day,” “”Never Let Me Go” excels in gentle implication, where what is left unsaid proves to be much more powerful than what is given. Ishiguro borrows much from his award-winning novel: … Continue reading

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“The Heart of the Matter”

“Nothing ever diminished pity. The conditions of life nurtured it. There was only a single person in the world who was unpitiable, oneself.” -Graham Greene

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“Joseph Anton:” the memoirs of a writer with a story unlike any other

How does newness come into the world? These are the words of Mr Saladin Chamcha as he, flailing, gasping, tugging and hugging at the air, falls from his severed plane; falling as Lucifer fell from his pinnacle of eminence and … Continue reading

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The Lives of the Other: Interview with a former Soviet and Stasi Spy

“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.” On his seventeenth birthday, 1980, Karney (born Jeffrey Carney) joined the United States Air Force as a ‘cryptic linguist’ and was stationed at Tempelhof Central Airport in Berlin. … Continue reading

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